Alaska, An American Colony »

Stephen Haycox, 2006
Informative, comprehensive, readable Alaska history by the expert


Arctic Dreams: Imagination and Desire in a Northern Landscape »

Barry Lopez, 1986

Lyrical observations and ruminations on the far northern wilderness


Coming Into the Country »

John McPhee, 1977

Inimitable pipeline-era analysis of Alaska politics and society


Denali: A Literary Anthology »

Bill Sherwonit, 2000

All about the mountain—legends, exploration, natural history


Fifty Miles from Tomorrow »

William L. Iggiagruk Hensley, 2009

The Alaska story by one whose ancestors have lived on the land for more than 10,000 years


Gold Rush Women »

Claire Rudolph Murphy and Jane G. Haigh, 1997

Pictures and stories of women who joined the rush


The Klondike Fever »

Pierre Berton, 1958

Gold rush tales, travels, and early pioneer life in Canada and Alaska


Land Gone Lonesome: An Inland Voyage Along the Yukon River »

Dan O'Neill, 2007

Solitary float down the river and encounters with characters who live along its banks