Last New Land: Stories of Alaska, Past and Present »

Wayne Mergler, ed. 1996
Native traditions, Russian writings, fiction and nonfiction excerpts


Ordinary Wolves: A Novel »

Seth Kantner,  2005

Fictional saga of a Caucasian raised in the wilderness


The Accidental Explorer: Wayfinding in Alaska »

Sherry Simpson, 2008

An existential hiker weaves in history from earlier explorers


The Wake of the Unseen Object »

Tom Kizzia, 1991

Moving rendition of modern life in the Alaska bush      


Travels in Alaska »

John Muir, 1915

Muir was writing this book, his best work about Alaska, at the time of his death


Two in the Far North »

Margaret Murie, 1962

Wilderness advocate’s early days and preservation efforts in ANWR


Where the Sea Breaks its Back »

Corey Ford, 2003

Naturalist Georg Steller’s and Vitus Bering's1741-42 Russian expedition to Alaska


Wilderness and the American Mind »

Roderick Nash, 1967

Among other things, an analysis of Alaska’s role in conservation and environmental debates